I lie, I cheat, I steal.

I follow everyone that follows me UNLESS you're a porn tumblr. Then there is no way in HELL I'm following you. Sorry. [5T4S.]


♪ ♫ Treble Maker ♪ ♫

+From WI. ♥

+I'm a HUGE Wrestling Fan!! Have been since I've been like 3-4ish.

+Wrestling and music are my LIFE!

+FCW & WWE ♥♥

+Proud member of the DiBiase Posse

+Proud Anvilette and Uce

+Proud fan of the GB Packers ♥♥

+Natyson are my OTP 5eva


[Oh, just a heads up... I post/reblog A LOT of wrestling stuff. Just giving you a little warning right away! :D]

Favorite Tag Teams/Stables [Past and Present]

↳ The Filthy Animals

  • Eddie Guerrero
  • Rey Mysterio Jr
  • Billy Kidman
  • Konnan
  • Torrie Wilson
  • Tygress
  • Disqo
  • Juventud Guerrera

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